» What is Grace Fellowship?

"Healing Families, Changing Lives"

Helping men and women achieve their goal of Freedom from drugs and alcohol

An initiative of Teen Challenge, Grace Fellowship was formed with the specific aim of helping former 'students' (so called because of the educational aspect of the program) to reintegrate into main stream society and provide support and encouragement for their families during this time. This can be a very trying time for young people and Grace Fellowship provides support for them in the next phase of their lives, whether that is study or work. As well, since the inception, a 'before-care' program has been developed, again providing support and encouragement for those young people (and their families) waiting for a place to become available.

Grace Fellowship Provides...

  • Before and After Care Rehabilitation Support
  • Life Solutions - Teaching seminars/Day programs
  • 'Say NO to Drugs' Message
  • Grace Chapel - 1 church 2 locations - Esperance/Perth
  • Grace Fellowship Celebration Day 10km Freedom Run