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Teen Challenge is a Christian based organisation which started caring for troubled youth in New York City in 1958.

The program now has over 1100 autonomous locations in 90 different countries worldwide.

Teen Challenge strives to help the 'whole person', not just the substance abuse. The Teen Challenge approach is to teach a whole new way of living by addressing family relationships, work attitudes, self image, peer pressure, temptation, community relationships and a variety of other life skills.

With a documented success rate of 86% of those who complete the program, Teen Challenge is regarded as one of the most successful drug rehabilitation programs in the world.

The six States and Northern Territory have Teen Challenge centres and are recognised public benevolent institutions under Australian tax law.

WA Teen Challenge is endorsed and supported by State figureheads, sports and media personalities plus church and business communities.

Many of the young people who come to Teen Challenge with their drug problems and associated troubled lifestyles, often come from a background of being unwanted, left out and forgotten by society.