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In 1985 Teen Challenge WA opened its residential training centre at Gingin just north of Perth. In 1990 the Esperance Residential Training facilities were established. Over time a range of other programs have been developed in order to meet the needs of young people and families experiencing drug-related problems.

As well as drug treatment services for individuals and families, Teen Challenge WA began delivering school-based and community-based education and prevention programs to meet the growing demand for practical information and good advice on responding to drug abuse.

With the continued success of the Grace Academy residential training centre, waiting times can blow out to six months. As a result, Teen Challenge WA developed a program to engage and support those on waiting lists in the form of a day program that enables young people to begin their program early.

In addition, support, education and information is provided to family members during the waiting period, as well as during the average 12 months that their son or daughter is at Grace Academy, Esperance.

Young people require support to ease the transition from our residential training centre back into society, work and further education, and also in the rebuilding of family relationships. ‘Aftercare’ and social support following completion of the program can ensure that the effort and funds invested in their lives is not lost in their transition back to normal life.

With the substantial growth in demand for residential places, and our school and community-based education and prevention programs, the cost of running the many programs increased significantly. Fund-raising activities and events have grown substantially, in order to support the various programs.